Singerhood onebyone

Singerhood OneByOne

Songs by separate voices in our choral music app, from Beethoven’s 9th to Bohemian Rhapsody, from Vivaldi’s Gloria to Orff’s Carmina Burana or Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons, do you sing any of these scores with your choir?

Now you can learn them voice by voice with Singerhood, an app that allows you to master any choral work effortlessly.

Forget about the midi files and prepare your rehearsals easily, anywhere, anytime.

It is intended for...

Amateur choirs, school choirs, participatory concerts, large symphonic choirs, a voracious chorister… And as long as you look for musical quality in a short time.

Our goal is to stop using rehearsal sessions to repeat notes over and over again and to focus on making music. If you know what we are talking about, this is your place to learn choral music.

Everything you need for your next concert you will find it at Singerhood.

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How it works?

If you learn all the songs played on the radio, even when you don’t like them, why not do the same with your rehearsals?

The app makes it possible to learn exactly what you are singing, listen to your voice separately or mixed with the rest of voices, as needed.

Pick a work from the repertoire and for as low as €2.99, enjoy your learning with professional singers who perform your voice with the most accurate pronunciation and tuning. Easily. Effortlessly. Anywhere. Anytime.

Download our app and start enjoying your rehearsals   #SeeYouSinging